$10k - 20k, $20k - 30k, Apr 四月(A), Macau Recruitment 澳門招聘, Others 其他行業


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薪酬:$20,000 - $30,000

Major Responsibilities 主要職責:

  • 負責管理層要求的月度會計處理,財務報表和必要的財務分析;
    Responsible for the monthly accounting processing, make financial statements, and necessary financial analysis required by management ;

  • 負責職業稅申報。收集報告和收入;
    Responsible for the declaration of occupational tax. collection report and income;

  • 定期參加商店庫存,完成庫存採購和庫存轉移報告;
    Participate in the inventory of the store regularly,complete the inventory purchase and inventory transfer report;

  • 購買商店保險,管理公司的備件和固定資產;
    Buy the store insurance, manage company's spare parts and fixed assets;

  • 協助編制年度/收入審計,納稅申報表和年度預算;
    Assist in the preparation of annual/ income audits, tax returns, and annual budgets;

  • 協助財務經理完成部門工作。
    Assist the Finance manager with the department work.

Requirements & Capabilities 任職要求:

  • 25 - 35歲,大專以上學歷,三年以上相關工作經驗;
    25 - 35 years old, college degree or above, more than three years relevant work experience;

  • 會計和財務管理專業,持有會計相關證書優先;
    Major in accounting and financial management, holding accounting certificates is a priority;

  • 良好的溝通能力和職業道德,務實和認真。
    Strong communication skills and professional ethics, practical and serious.


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