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C-Color Culture 澳門喜彩文化娛樂招聘

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澳門喜彩文化娛樂是以大型活動策劃執行、演唱會運營、藝人經紀(中國內地、中國港澳台、韓國) 、全球營銷推廣(國內外)、各類活動所需的表演節目經紀為一體的文化娛樂公司,業務遍及中國內地與中國香港、澳門,為您打造一站式服務;擁有強大的媒體網路資源,且宣傳推廣平台多種多樣,宣傳區域遍及澳門、香港、中國內地、北美及世界各地電視臺等,從國內電視媒體到美國紐約時代廣場納斯達克大屏,助各大企業及粉絲達到宣傳推廣效果,從國內電視媒體到美國納斯達克大屏,助各企業及粉絲達到宣傳效果;可聯絡藝人表演,更有粉絲福利。

C-Color Culture offers a wide range of services including event planning & execution, concert/filming crew destination management, marketing plans, advertising resources & media buy (in china & many other countries, online/offline) and invitation of celebrities, performing artists & programs, providing one-stop services for your events and marketing plans in Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong.

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1. Accounting and Administrative Manager

Job description:

  • Responsible for the efficient functioning of an office through a range of administrative, financial and personnel tasks;

  • Manage office supplies;

  • Manage overhead budget and general accounting clerical duties such as data entry and compiling financial forms;

  • Manage and establish HR system;

  • Process and administer payroll, handle employment tax and social welfare procedure;

  • Manage and archive company resources and content;

  • Handle correspondence, documents and other records and other Ad hoc tasks.


  • University degree, preferably in accounting, HR or related majors;

  • 2 - 3 years of related experience;

  • Solid knowledge of office procedures;

  • Excellent written and verbal English and Chinese skills;

  • Self-motivation, attention to detail and problem-solving skills;

  • A creative mind with an ability to suggest improvements;

  • A strong sense of teamwork;

  • Preferably have event execution experience and knowledge of Mainland financial affairs.

2. Project Manager

Job description:

  • Independently plan, program, organize, promote and run events, conferences and functions for a variety of organizations, communities, groups and individuals;

  • Develop concepts for an event and compose proposals;

  • Work out and manage event budgeting and track expenses ;

  • Work closely with clients, contractors/suppliers, staff and volunteers;

  • Monitor event logistics and assure quality control for individual collaborative programs so as to maximize synergy for all sponsors/ establishments and supporting organizations;

  • May work regular business hours, but may also deal with emergencies or clients on weekends or evenings and unsocial hours;

  • develop new suppliers and clients;

  • Occasional business trips.


  • University degree, preferably in event management or media;

  • 2 - 3 years of proven related experience;

  • Solid knowledge of destination management and event planning (past cases);

  • Good written and verbal English and Chinese skills;

  • Creativity, stamina, multi-tasking, self-motivation, problem-solving and presentation skills;

  • Good at negotiating and public relations.

  • A good team player with strong coordination, organization and communication skills;

  • Good at writing ppt proposals.

3. 視覺設計師


  • 協助公司品牌視覺的設計、維護與延伸;

  • 相關文宣手冊、產品包裝、標籤、紀念品、活動海報、新媒體相關視覺、PPT等的排版及設計;

  • 共同為活動構思主題,創造出符合客戶要求的設計;

  • 負責創意活動現場的視覺設計及現場佈置效果,包括背景板、物料包裝、立體造型、影片素材等;

  • 對提案文件進行美化,提高呈現效果。


  • 藝術設計相關專業;

  • 1 - 2 年相關設計經驗;

  • 熟練使用 Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Premiere 等多媒體軟件;

  • 較強的方案構思能力,思維活躍,創意獨到;

  • 熟悉媒體畫面的規格及設計要求;熟悉印刷物料製作的工藝及材質;

  • 能夠主動學習,緊近時代趨勢的審美能力和領悟力;

  • 瞭解物料製作的市場報價;

  • 擅長網頁設計及製作者優先;

  • 需提供以往設計作品。


Please submit your detailed CV and relevant past works to ainsley.ng@ccolorent.com for application.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to call us at +853 8294 6867 during office hours from Monday to Friday at 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.