Macau Recruitment 澳門招聘, $30k - 40k, $10k - 20k, $20k - 30k, Education 教育, Jun 六月(C)

IFT 澳門旅遊學院招聘


Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT), a rapidly growing public higher education institution in Macao devoted entirely to education and training for the tourism and hospitality industry, invites applications for the following full-time teaching post. Subjects to be taught in English and/or Chinese. Successful candidate is required to teach in both the daytime and evening degree programmes.

Tourism College 

Assistant Professor in Management and Marketing
(1 vacancy) - Ref. No. 010/AC/2018 

Should be able to teach/develop specific subjects such as Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Leadership, Service Quality Management and Advanced Marketing.

Candidates are expected to engage in research and industry collaborations, and teach/develop the subject areas above. For a full list of subjects in the current curriculum and details of the academic unit, please visit