Macau Recruitment 澳門招聘, $30k - 40k, $10k - 20k, $20k - 30k, Education 教育, Oct 十月(C)

IFT 澳門旅遊學院招聘


Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT), a rapidly growing public higher education institution in Macao devoted entirely to education and training for the tourism and hospitality industry, invites applications for the following full-time teaching posts. Subjects to be taught in English and/or Chinese. Successful candidates are required to teach in both the daytime and evening degree programmes.

Tourism College 

Assistant Professor in Culinary (1 vacancy) – Ref. No. 001/AC/2019 

should be able to teach/develop theory and practical classes such as Food Preparation courses, Food Safety, Menu and Recipe Development, Kitchen Management, and Kitchen and Restaurant Design among others.

Assistant Professor in Hotel Management (3 vacancies) – Ref. No. 002/AC/2019

should be able to teach/develop specific subjects such as Innovative Hospitality Technologies, Hotel Operations, F&B Cost Control, Hospitality Marketing, Wine Studies, and Lodging Management.

Assistant Professor in Management (1 vacancy) – Ref. No. 003/AC/2019 

should be able to teach/develop specific subjects such as Finance and Accounting, Principles of Management, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources Management, International Business, and Management of Service Operations.

Assistant Professor in Management and Marketing (1 vacancy) – Ref. No. 004/AC/2019

should be able to teach/develop specific subjects such as Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Leadership, Service Quality Management, Research Methods, and Advanced Marketing.

Assistant Professor in Marketing (1 vacancy) – Ref. No. 005/AC/2019 

should be able to teach/develop specific subjects such as Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Channels and Distribution, Advanced Marketing, and Marketing for Cultural Resources.

Assistant Professor in Retail Management (2 vacancies) – Ref. No. 006/AC/2019  

should be able to teach/develop specific subjects such as Entrepreneurship, Retail Management, Brand Management, Merchandise Management, Visual Merchandising and Store Design.

Candidates are expected to engage in research and industry collaborations, and teach/develop the subject areas above. For a full list of subjects in the current curriculum and details of the academic unit, please visit


Must have: 
(1) at least a Master's degree in the relevant area and 
(2) at least 4 years of full-time teaching experience as Lecturer 

Candidates who do not meet the two requirements above, or who do not have supporting documents (including graduation certificates, transcripts, work testimonials issued by current/previous employers or other official forms of evidence for the requirements) need not apply for the vacancies.

Annual Taxable Remuneration and Benefit: 

MOP665,280 - MOP936,320 (salary index: 540 – 760)

  • The current local income tax rate ranges from 7% to 12%. Exchange rate: approx.USD1 = MOP8.

  • The position and remuneration offered will be commensurate with academic qualifications and professional experience.

  • For benefits and FAQ, please refer to Terms of Appointment and FAQ.

Type of Contract:

Individual Service Contract (個人勞動合同)


The selection panel consists of the Director of Tourism College, the relevant coordinators and faculty members. Outside members may also be invited. Selection will be based on (1) documentary evaluation, (2) mock teaching and interview.

Application and Documents Need to be Submitted:

Please apply online below and submit the following required documents in PDF format

  • Copies of graduate certificates of all academic degrees awarded, transcripts, testimonials or other official forms of evidence for the academic qualifications required as above

  • Service certificates, testimonials or other forms of evidence issued by current/previous employers, indicating positions and complete service durations (with exact start dates and end dates) for the current/past full-time teaching experiences in tertiary education institutions or relevant full-time working experiences required as above  (Sample here)

  • Identity card or passport copy

  • Full resume 

  • Cover letter

  • List of academic journals or articles published (if available) with ISBN

Applications will not be considered if the required qualifications and teaching experiences are not supported by certificates, testimonials and/or verifiable evidence or no identity card or passport copies are provided.

Apply online here for Assistant Professor in Culinary (Ref. No. 001/AC/2019) 

Apply online here for Assistant Professor in Hotel Management (Ref. No. 002/AC/2019) 

Apply online here for Assistant Professor in Management (Ref. No. 003/AC/2019) 

Apply online here for Assistant Professor in Management and Marketing (Ref. No. 004/AC/2019) 

Apply online here for Assistant Professor in Marketing (Ref. No. 005/AC/2019) 

Apply online here for Assistant Professor in Retail Management (Ref. No. 006/AC/2019) 

Application closes on 12 March 2019

  • The selected candidates are expected to assume duty in August 2019 or earlier.

  • Final result name list will be announced on IFT website around second-quarter of 2019 or earlier.

  • Please note that ALL application materials must be received by the closing date (Macao time). Application received by IFT after the closing date will only be included in the next round of recruitment, if applicable.

  • Personal data provided by applicants will be kept confidential and used for recruitment purpose only. 

  • For general enquires, please contact us via On-line enquiry.