Retail 零售業, Others 其他行業, $10k - 20k



With over 100 years of history, Jebsen Group enables some 200 of the world's leading consumer, beverage, industrial and luxury-product companies and their brands to successfully market and distribute their products throughout the Greater China region.

Jebsen's success has been made possible through our commitment to our partners, to our communities, and to our most valuable asset - our people. We offer dedicated and talented individuals the opportunity to engage with a family of premium global brands. Employees who pursue excellence are given a diverse platform that provides continuous development and career exposure.

Jebsen is the official dealer of Porsche cars in Hong Kong and Macau. People aspire to develop an unrivalled career in a diversified business environment are now invited to join us in the following position:


- F.3 或以上
- 3年以上相關經驗,有歐洲汽車維修保養經驗儷先考慮﹔
- 具備電子設備系統檢測經驗尤佳﹔
- 已完成3年的維修學徒培訓或具有同等海外資格認證﹔
- 必須持有有效駕駛執照(一級與二級),有良好的駕駛記錄﹔
- 能用簡單的英語和普通話交流﹔
- 具備基本的電腦操作知議﹔
- 責任心及良好的工作態度,具一定的抗壓能力,愿意加班。

對以上職位感興趣的申請者,請將您的中英文簡歷和期望薪酬通過電郵 發送至區域人力資源經理,或者發送傳真至(852) 2576 7620

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