Macau Recruitment 澳門招聘, $10k - 20k, $20k - 30k, $30k - 40k, Hotel 酒店業, Oct 十月(A)

SANDS CHINA 金沙中國澳門招聘

Sands China 金沙中國-01.png


業務發展部 - 尊御服務

- 客戶發展主任

有意申請者請將您的個人簡歷電郵至 即可!標題註明 “應徵職位-由 提供”。

We are looking for 21-year-old and above local resident to apply for the below vacancy:

Premium Mass - Services

- Executive Host

If you are interested, please feel free to send your resume to, with subject “job position - source from”.