$10k - 20k, F&B 餐飲業, Macau Recruitment 澳門招聘, Others 其他行業, Aug 八月(A)

Summergate Limited 美夏澳門招聘


Founded in 1999, Summergate is a leading player in the Greater China drinks market. Through 13 registered and licensed offices, including Hong Kong and Macau, Summergate works directly with several thousand contracted retail buyers, as well as hundreds of downstream distributors.

Summergate hand picks its best-in-class brands based on their reputation for and commitment to quality. We exclusively represent over 60 brands from 12 of the world’s leading wine producing countries as well as a growing number of premium spirits. Acting as sole distributor since 2007, Summergate has firmly established Perrier as the principal imported sparkling mineral water in China.



  • 處理一般行政及人事工作-包括文件存檔、資料輸入等
  • 負責日常文書工作, 處理傳真及郵件
  • 接聽電話
  • 辦公室行政採購
  • 需外出工作收發重要文件
  • 協助財務、收票以及記帳工作


  • 大學畢業 有行政相關工作經驗優先
  • 熟悉OFFICE辦公室軟件, 中英文打字
  • 主動有責任心
  • 具良好的溝通表達及協調能力
  • 積極學習新事物的態度


此職位為五天工作制,有意求職者請將個人履歷及薪金要求電郵至 yuki.lei@summergate.com,標題註明 “應徵行政文員-由 jobscall.me 提供”。