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UO Group 遊澳集團澳門招聘

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UO Group is an integrated service conglomerate focusing in four key areas: E-commerce, media and publishing, tourism and information technology. It has multiple subsidiaries in charge of operations and development in different fields, including high-end business tourism, e-commerce membership system, legal advice, media publishing, brand management and marketing. The Group is responsible for administrative affairs, human resources, finance and management of each subsidiary through a modern, internal ERP management system to save costs and enhance efficiency. It is an integrated service conglomerate with modern management theories. 


Incorporating the development goals of Macao as a global leisure tourism city, the Group is actively nurturing talents. Based in Macao, the Group is striving towards becoming a large-scale, international company, as well as making contributions to Macao, the Pearl River Delta, and the Greater China region. For details, please visit: 


1. 市場部經理/助理經理


  • 參與和協助市場部的日常業務和運作

  • 建設及提升公司品牌形象,協助子公司的市場推廣項目之策劃與執行

  • 撰寫具體項目/活動策劃方案,制定預算,管理與執行市場推廣項目,監控進度和質量,分析項目成效

  • 負責管理和執行公司內部的員工活動

  • 負責策劃與製作公司內部傳播刊物的內容

  • 積極拓寬市場活動傳播渠道,合理管控各項成本費用


  • 五年或以上的活動策劃,管理與執行經驗

  • 具有豐富的市場推廣和活動執行知識和經驗

  • 熟識廣告,市場營銷,新媒體,大型活動,旅遊產品等業務的發展與趨勢

  • 熟悉企業形象推廣和澳門政策方向

  • 責任心強,思維清晰,富創意、具良好組識,協調,指揮及溝通能力

  • 具良好中文及英文寫作能力

  • 具視頻剪接及多媒體資訊製作經驗優先

2. Strategic Solutions Director


  • Develops strategic partnerships with key client contacts; identifies business issues/opportunities and advises clients; establishes priorities and provides direction to maximize client satisfaction

  • Develops and tailors sale solutions based on customer needs, new growth areas, and emerging solutions opportunities

  • Drives client management strategy with a proven success rate of increasing growth and profitability

  • Drives measurable solutions into the market through focused strategic sales efforts.

  • Strives position as business partner and natural go-to choice for clients


The position requires a combination of strategic thinking and hands-on tactical execution. Cross-functional leadership is critical.

  • University graduates or equivalent in Marketing or Business Studies;

  • 10 years minimum of Business Development/Sales Experience preferably in Multi Media industry

  • Able to demonstrate a good track record of business development and a desire to aggressively “hunt” and develop new business.

  • Support sales training and participate in sales calls to ensure field effectiveness in positioning and selling.

  • Advanced group presentation and verbal/written communication skills

  • Strong negotiator with the ability to negotiate win/win outcomes

  • Highly organized with strict attention to detail

  • Strong analytical, strategic thinking and reporting skills

  • Able to inspire trust and confidence with senior level clients

  • Proven ability to build, support and manage resources across multiple cross-functional teams to execute high impact marketing.

3. 兼職 櫥窗設計員 / 商品陳列員


  • 構思迎合公司宣傳主題及形象的設計

  • 佈置櫥窗及攤位,以吸引顧客

  • 設計展架上的擺設及商品的陳列


  • 工作時間:14:00 - 23:00 (每天最少工作四小時)

  • 具有良好的思考能力及設計天分

  • 對視覺效果及色彩有獨到的眼光

  • 必須年滿廿一歲,女士優先考慮

  • 時薪 Mop$50/hr


We are looking for a Human Resources Senior Executive who will report to the Human Resources and Administration Director to help our Group attract and retain talented individuals to support our aggressive business expansion plan in an ever changing and fast-paced environment. You will be entrusted with an ongoing quest to identify talent, build a strong employment brand and a resources pool to ensure great relationships with both the potential candidates and stakeholders.


(A) Talent Acquisition and Quota Management

  • Determine current staffing needs and produce forecasts;

  • Develop talent acquisition, people engagement strategies and hiring plans;

  • Lead employment branding initiatives;

  • Well versed in full-cycle recruiting, sourcing, employment branding and people engagement;

  • Good network and anticipate future needs;

  • Plan and perform sourcing to fill open positions in a timely manner and targeted selection processes;

  • Assist in employee retention and development;

  • Handle on boarding procedures for new hires;

  • Keep up with new trends in the market place or other events; and

  • Renew import quota labor

(B) Employee Engagement

  • Implement and drive employee Value Proposition Program (EVP) that enforce group culture and drive employee engagement;

  • Influence and enhance employee experience, and take ownership of key initiatives;

  • Manage employee relations and performance issues to implement prompt and appropriate resolutions

  • Engage the business via interaction and work directly with all Business Unit and Function Heads to transform the employee experience. For example, to set up and drive employee focus groups to gather insights and generate exciting ideas; and

  • Create a differentiated employee experience to challenge the status quo


  • Degree holder in human resources business administration, or relevant field.

  • Minimum 3 years’ solid experience in talent acquisition and employee engagement

  • Excellent project management skills.

  • Willingness to understand and comprehend the duties, responsibilities and competencies of

  • Different roles.

  • Familiarized of all selection methods and techniques.

  • Proficient in the use of social media and job boards.

  • Background in customer insights, customer experience or HR Generalist experience.

  • Excellent command of written and spoken English and Chinese. (Putonghua is an added advantage)

Interested parties are invited to send your application and full resumes stating career history, qualifications, availability, current and expected salary, and contact number to or submit your application via our website:

5. 高級 / 編輯 (經濟)


  • 負責日常經濟新聞採寫;

  • 負責澳門經濟專題的策劃和採寫;

  • 以宏觀經濟及微觀經濟角度分析澳門未來發展;

  • 閱讀並細究各類政策文件、研究報告,重視細節差異;

  • 負責資料搜集、編輯、校對及撰寫稿件;


  • 大學以上學歷,優秀的中文寫作能力;

  • 善於溝通,具有團隊精神和工作熱情;

  • 對時政、兩岸、社會、經濟、外交、國際關係如一帶一路及大灣區議題有認識,並具有相關分析能力

  • 具採訪或編輯相關工作經驗優先,應屆畢業生亦考慮;年資較長者,將優先聘任為編輯主任、高級編輯

  • 五天工作,但需要輪班工作

  • 遞交履歷需提供過往文字及圖像作品以供參考

6. 助理 / 軟件開發經理


  • 負責開發團隊人員招聘和職業發展,並為技術團隊制定和安排培訓需要

  • 為開發團隊人員制定關鍵績效指標,提升開發團隊工作表現

  • 制定開發流程,確保項目開發質量符合交附標準

  • 評估用戶需求並提供解決方案和開發工期

  • 與項目組溝通,從技術角度設計,規劃和管理項目開發工作

  • 確定最合適的技術和解決方案藍圖,以滿足業務需求

  • 與技術團隊密切合作,對項目功能點進行可行性研究

  • 將功能需求轉化為符合企業架構標準的技術規格

  • 引導技術團隊根據既定的技術規格和設計藍圖進行產品開發‭, ‬實施和部署

  • 監督技術人員日常開發工作,解決開發過程中遇到的技術問題,確保開發進度順利和開發工作如期完成

  • 管理各類技術文檔,確保文檔保持最新和完整內容


  • 大專或以上電腦或相關專業學歷

  • 8年或以上系統架構設計及產品開發經驗‭, ‬至少3年或以上從事管理技術團隊工作

  • 精通Java或PHP相關技術‭, ‬並具備使用Spring MVC或Laravel等流行框架進行開發的相關經驗

  • 精通Web前端開發技術如HTML5‭, ‬CSS3‭, ‬AJAX‭, ‬RWD‭, ‬了解常用開發框架如Bootstrap、NodeJS、AngularJS、ReactJS等

  • 熟悉常用設計模式和RESTful Web Service API設計及開發

  • 精通數據庫分層設計‭, ‬熟悉MySQL或MongoDB操作及管理‭, ‬能對數據進行分析和整合

  • 熟悉Hibernate或IBatis等數據緩存框架

  • 了解SOA架構‭, ‬能針對系統開發的效能‭, ‬安全性和並發量提出優化方案

  • 熟悉Agile等軟件開發生命週期活動‭, ‬能制定相關代碼規範和管理工具如SVN‭, ‬GitHub

  • 有Mobile‭ ‬Apps開發經驗如Objective-C‭, ‬Android等優先

  • 有良好的溝通、協調和領導能力

  • 具備良好的團隊合作精神

  • 對工作積極嚴謹踏實,能承受較大的工作壓力


7. 業務拓展助理 / 主任 (廣告策劃)


  • 負責協助部門主管制作廣告策劃及市場推廣工作

  • 以 PPT 制作廣告策劃介紹

  • 按時完成廣告策劃的內部申請流程

  • 處理廣告策劃合約及收據

  • 與財務部門配合並按時向客戶發出報價

  • 協助整理及分析市場數據

  • 跟進並與現有客戶保持緊密關係

  • 進行上級委派之其他任務


  • 學士學位

  • 一年或以上市場推廣或辦公室工作經驗

  • 良好英文及中文寫作能力

  • 熟識一般 Microsoft Office Word,Excel,Power Point 和中文輸入法

  • 有責任感、能獨立處理工作

  • 工作時間:星期一至五 9:30 - 19:00


8. 業務拓展主任 / 助理經理 (電子商務)


  • 與澳門六大博彩公司建立並保持良好的業務關係,向潛在客戶推廣積分兌換計劃;

  • 負責拓展公司的各種業務合作方式;

  • 負責在餐飲、娛樂、零售業內建立強大的業務關係和強大的網絡;

  • 負責撰寫商業方案與合作夥伴進行商務洽談和合同談判的所有方面。


  • 大學畢業生或同等學歷的市場營銷或工商管理;

  • 具有銷售和業務拓展 3 年相關經驗;

  • 能夠獨立工作,具備強大的組織,時間管理和溝通技巧;

  • 中、英文書寫及口語表達能力佳;

  • 積極主動,具有良好的人際關係及行銷能力;

  • 具較強的溝通及交際能力,能承受較大工作壓力。


Interested parties are invited to send your application and full resumes stating career history, qualifications, availability, current and expected salary, and contact number to or submit your application via our website:

9. System Analyst


  • Analyze, design, and implement system architecture solutions based on product and project requirements to ensure the rationality and scalability of the system architecture.

  • Turn product requirements into technical requirements, break down and monitor requirements

  • Responsible for the design of business systems, technical specification and roadmap.

  • Responsible for system architecture design, review and improve related product system architecture plans, and control product system architecture quality.

  • Responsible for the company's common components research and development.

  • Actively understand the development of the industry, related new technologies and trends, and import technology standard and innovation.


  • Bachelor degree or above in computer related majors

  • 6+ years of experience in Java/PHP project development

  • Good knowledge in Java/PHP framework, with large distributed system design is preferred

  • Knowledge with ERP system architectures or high data concurrent system architectures are preferred

  • With a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism and teamwork, with good professional ethics, honesty and trustworthiness, good work attitude, good communication skills.

  • Solid professional experience, clear and logical thinking, and in-depth understanding of software development process


10. Data Administrator


  • Implement integration, synchronization, importing, and exporting from various internal and external sources

  • Ensure that all databases are backed up and tested per the business’s recovery objectives.

  • Create and deploy database scripts.

  • Plan and monitor database capacity and security in production, development, and backup environments.

  • Configure Database Server monitoring utilities and jobs.

  • Install and configure new database servers and supporting software.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve reliability and performance issues.

  • Document the database environment.

  • Database and index design and optimization.


  • Bachelor degree or above in computer related majors

  • Minimum of 3 years' work experience within Information Technology

  • Minimum of 3 years' work experience with administering Oracle, Mysql Server etc and T-SQL programming

  • Hands-on experience with database standards and end user applications

  • Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity and SQL

  • Problem solving skills and ability to think logically


11. Solution Architect


  • Provide technology leadership and architectural designs for mission critical systems.

  • Provide elegant solution in order to solve technical problem and break through the system bottleneck.

  • Review existing systems and provide recommendations on improvement using new technologies and methodologies.

  • Manage and cooperate with various teams to ensure the solutions delivered are aligned to the planned enterprise IT framework.

  • Plan and implement system testing and optimization, and write related technical documentation


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent.

  • Experience with large scale system, distributed system development and architecture

  • Experience in one or more of the following domains: ERP, custom development, enterprise integration, CRM or OA.

  • Must have over 5 year experience with architect, design and support the deployment of critical business applications.

  • Family with related Java development and framework, such as Spring, Hibernate

  • Family with one or more of the following Databases: SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc

  • Experience with frontend development will be a plus



12. 轎車司機


  • 駕駛公司車輛於澳門境內接送客人

  • 駕駛公司車輛執行指定之任務

  • 定期將車輛送到指定地點保養及維修

  • 執行上級指定之任務

  • 需24小時輪班工作/每周六天工作

  • 需穿制服上班


  • 小學學歷程度

  • 需持有澳門輕型汽車駕駛執照

  • 最少2年或以上駕駛經驗,有客戶服務經驗為佳

  • 需懂流利廣東話及普通話及良好之溝通技巧

  • 良好駕駛紀錄及沒有不良嗜好

  • 男女均可


Interested parties are invited to send your application and full resumes stating career history, qualifications, availability, current and expected salary, and contact number to or submit your application via our website:

13. 業務拓展部助理(兼職)


  • 主要外勤巡查和派送宣傳品

  • 處理一般文書工作及支援部門事務

  • 數據輸入等工作


  • 懂得基本文書處理 (如Wold、Excel、及中文輸入法)

  • 積極主動、有獨立工作能力;刻苦耐劳 ;具良好的溝通技巧,有責任感

  • 工作時間:星期一至五 10:00-18:30 (四小時為一個更次)

  • 每週可工作五天優先考慮

  • 薪金:50Mop/hr


14. Senior Software Developer


  • Management team and assume leadership development and implementation

  • To oversee and lead the requirement analysis, design, development, development testing, deployment and software documentation for the project

  • To define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for development tasks, perform task allocation to meet project commitments, monitor delivery tasks and report the progress

  • To anticipate project risk, give early warning and suggest solutions for delivery tasks

  • To manage external vendors on solution integration and compliance of standards, oversee and measure the fulfillment of the vendor’s contractual obligations

  • To coach and develop team members to ensure an excellent maintenance of competent workforce

  • To monitor and ensure the target systems comply with company policies and standards

  • Consistently looks across all phases of project life cycle for opportunities to reduce costs

  • Participate in development, design, and implementation of new applications

  • Provide support to application systems including trouble-shooting, bug fixing and ad-hoc queries

  • To seek opportunities to constantly improve work practices and process


  • University graduate with a degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent. Postgraduate qualification is an advantage

  • A minimum of 3 years’ information systems design, software development, IT management and project management experience with track record in implementing PoS system, ERP or similar system, within retail or e-commerce industries

  • Proficiency in PHP development language

  • Solid knowledge in SQL and MySQL optimization

  • Familiar with the use of Linux system and service environment configuration

  • Proficiency with REST-based APIs like json, xml

  • Experience in source control tools like svn, github, etc

  • Knowledge in Design Patter

  • Strong team player who can work under pressure, independently and proactively

  • Excellent communication, presentation, analytical and problem solving skills

  • Proficient in spoken and written Chinese and English


15. Advertising and Planning Account Executive


  • Generate advertising revenue by promoting multimedia services mainly on digital, print and event

  • Establish and maintain positive relationship with current and potential clients

  • Work together with marketing and business services teams to develop advertising solutions for clients, as well as with designers for advertising production;

  • Provide media advice and guidance to ensure clients’ objectives are met and exceed clients’ expectations


  • Degree / Higher Diploma / Associate Degree in Business / Marketing / Communication or related disciplines

  • 1 - 2 years’ experience, preferably in print and online media

  • Excellent communication skills, presentable, sales-driven and able to work under pressure

  • PC literate, with good command of English and Chinese


16. Advertising and Planning Senior Manager


  • To be responsible for developing existing and new sales accounts for media advertising to maximize revenue and meet business target;

  • Providing one-stop service and marketing solution to our business partners and customers to achieve their business objectives;

  • Procuring market information and competitors’ activities;

  • Updating customers information for marketing database;

  • Assisting in payment enforcement


  • University graduate in Business Administration, Economics, Communication or related disciplines with 3 years or above relevant working experience in media or advertising sales is preferred

  • Excellent command of both spoken and written English and Chinese

  • Proficient in PC applications including MS Office

  • interest in media advertising industry

  • Independent and able to work under pressure


Interested parties are invited to send your application and full resumes stating career history, qualifications, availability, current and expected salary, and contact number to or submit your application via our website: