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UO Group 遊澳集團澳門招聘

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UO Group is an integrated service conglomerate focusing in four key areas: E-commerce, media and publishing, tourism and information technology. It has multiple subsidiaries in charge of operations and development in different fields, including high-end business tourism, e-commerce membership system, legal advice, media publishing, brand management and marketing. The Group is responsible for administrative affairs, human resources, finance and management of each subsidiary through a modern, internal ERP management system to save costs and enhance efficiency. It is an integrated service conglomerate with modern management theories. 


Incorporating the development goals of Macao as a global leisure tourism city, the Group is actively nurturing talents. Based in Macao, the Group is striving towards becoming a large-scale, international company, as well as making contributions to Macao, the Pearl River Delta, and the Greater China region. For details, please visit: 


人力資本及行政 Human Capital and Administration

1. Human Capital Senior Executive

2. Human Capital and Administration Assistant

財務部 Finance

1. Senior Finance Manager / Finance Manager

資訊科技部 (珠海) Information Technology (Zhuhai based)

1. Chief Technology Officer / Technical Director

2. Project Manager (E-Commerce)

3. Business Analysis Manager ( E-Commerce, Media, Travel)

4. 用戶體驗經理

電子商務 E-commerce

1. E-Commerce General Manager/Director - Fintech

2. Business Development Executive / Assistant Manager

3. 軟件開發工程師

4. 程式設計員

5. 業務拓展部助理 (兼職)

物流 Logistic

1. 客貨車司機

旅遊 Tourism

1. 旅遊顧問

2. 轎車司機

奢侈品零售 Luxury Retail

1. 奢侈品業務營運助理 (兼職)

2. 商品陳列員 (兼職)



*有興趣者請將個人履歷,期望薪金以及聯繫方式發至 Email: 或通過 申請。

公司電話:(853) 2872 2828

Full-time employees can have annual leave, sick leave, birthday leave, reward leave, marriage leave, compassion leave and Macau SAR public holidays. The company provide the professional training for employees’opportunities. The company also has some benefits for medical and p-fund plans.

*Interested parties are invited to send your application and full resumes stating career history, qualifications, availability, current and expected salary, and contact number to or submit your application via our website:

Contact number: (853) 2872 2828
Address: No. 263, Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao, Edf. China Civil Plaza 12 Andar, H-M, Macau

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