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UO Group 遊澳集團澳門招聘


UO Group is an integrated service conglomerate focusing in four key areas: E-commerce, media and publishing, tourism and information technology. It has multiple subsidiaries in charge of operations and development in different fields, including high-end business tourism, e-commerce membership system, legal advice, media publishing, brand management and marketing. The Group is responsible for administrative affairs, human resources, finance and management of each subsidiary through a modern, internal ERP management system to save costs and enhance efficiency. It is an integrated service conglomerate with modern management theories. 


Incorporating the development goals of Macao as a global leisure tourism city, the Group is actively nurturing talents. Based in Macao, the Group is striving towards becoming a large-scale, international company, as well as making contributions to Macao, the Pearl River Delta, and the Greater China region. For details, please visit: 


1. Accountant

Job responsibilities

  • Assists the Financial Controller/Finance manager to manage and control the financial transactions;
  • Provides comprehensive financial management information, business analysis on the performance of business units and products for management review
  • Participates in management accounting related projects
  • Coordinates with team members to enhance the internal control and improve the efficiency of the existing workflow / procedure 
  • Performs finance, accounting, and treasury functions
  • Prepares full set of account and budgeting within timeline
  • Prepares the financial planning and analysis, review and assess the liquidity, and the fund planning or arrangement
  • Supervise the subordinates to smoothly carry out the daily accounting and bookkeeping duties.
  • Engages in ad hoc projects.

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Accounting, Finance or equivalent; with a recognized professional qualification will be an advantage
  • Minimum of 3 years of financial management experience
  • Well versed in PC Skills, Flex, SAP/Oracle preferred
  • Ability to work under pressure, with good communication, analytical and problem solving skills


2. 發行主任/助理 - 力報


  • 監察及管理派發點及取閱點情況
  • 每日巡查報表整理發行資料及文書工作
  • 與客户建立良好關係
  • 收集及了解市場資訊
  • 維護報紙架整潔


  • 高中畢業或以上
  • 一年的相關經驗
  • 熟悉基本電腦操作(Excel, Word, PPT)
  • 持有私家車及電單車駕駛執照
  • 良好溝通,表達及分析能力


3. 高級編輯 (副刊)


  • 管理力報副刊及《遊澳假期》編輯及設計的稿件及插圖、視頻和刊物內容;
  • 統籌和策劃編輯及設計的工作項目和質素;
  • 能獨立負責推廣網上、Apps及報紙雜誌文章的內容運營工作,包括飲食、流行時尚、旅遊資訊和原創文章的撰寫;
  • 可獨立撰寫廣告文案和商業化文案,進行文案發布;
  • 搜集市場最新資訊;
  • 統籌及檢視部門人員日常運作及工作流程;


  • 學士學位
  • 三年或以上副刊編輯經驗, 熱愛編輯工作及能承受工作壓力
  • 良好英文及中文寫作能力
  • 富創意、細心、有責任感、能獨立處理工作
  • 具良好組識、管理及溝通能力
  • 熟悉飲食、流行時尚及旅遊資訊,具視頻剪接及多媒體資訊製作經驗優先
  • 熟悉MICROSOFT OFFICE及中文輸入法,社交媒體運作及相關電腦軟件操作
  • 薪酬視乎經驗而定


4. 體育記者


  • 採訪及拍攝本地體育活動、賽事及傑出運動員專訪等
  • 編寫報紙新聞稿件、視頻VO
  • 長期與教青局、體育局及本地體育團體維持合作關係


  • 大專學歷或以上,新聞傳播等相關專業優先
  • 良好中文書寫能力
  • 1 年或以上傳媒相關經驗
  • 曾於其他媒體從事體育相關編採工作更佳


5. Advertising and Planning Account Executive


  • Generate advertising revenue by promoting multimedia services mainly on digital, print and event
  • Establish and maintain positive relationship with current and potential clients
  • Work together with marketing and business services teams to develop advertising solutions for clients, as well as with designers for advertising production;
  • Provide media advice and guidance to ensure clients’ objectives are met and exceed clients’ expectations


  • Degree / Higher Diploma / Associate Degree in Business / Marketing / Communication or related disciplines
  • 1 - 2 years’ experience, preferably in print and online media
  • Excellent communication skills, presentable, sales-driven and able to work under pressure
  • PC literate, with good command of English and Chinese


6. Advertising and Planning Senior Manager


  • To be responsible for developing existing and new sales accounts for media advertising to maximize revenue and meet business target; 
  • Providing one-stop service and marketing solution to our business partners and customers to achieve their business objectives;
  • Procuring market information and competitors’ activities;
  • Updating customers information for marketing database; 
  • Assisting in payment enforcement


  • University graduate in Business Administration, Economics, Communication or related disciplines with 3 years or above relevant working experience in media or advertising sales is preferred
  • Excellent command of both spoken and written English and Chinese
  • Proficient in PC applications including MS Office
  • interest in media advertising industry
  • Independent and able to work under pressure



UOG – A Great Place To Embrace The Future, Be Recognized And Rewarded 


The Marketing Director will be responsible for developing marketing strategies through studying economic indicators; tracking changes in supply and demand, identifying customers’ current and future needs. The job incumbent will report to the CEO and will be part of the Group’s Management team.


  • Formulate Group marketing strategies and implement tactics to achieve marketing plan, business objectives and growth plan;
  • Responsible for creating marketing initiatives, corporate branding, sales promotion activities, digital marketing and group events;
  • Drive the marketing initiatives and programs; promotion and launches of projects as well as to manage budgets and project schedules;
  • Establish measurement to improve customer outreach, increase awareness, adoption and corporate branding;
  • Contribute to marketing effectiveness by identifying issues that must be addressed; provide information and commentary pertinent to deliberations; recommend options and course of action and implement directives;
  • Obtain market share by developing marketing plans and programs for the Group’s major lines of businesses’ products and services and directing promotional support of all Business Units in any business activities;
  • Provide market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data; and
  • Responsible for the production and publication of Group materials. 


  • Degree holder in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Business Administration and/or MBA;
  • Proven track record with minimum 5 years of solid and vivid management experience in the Marketing field preferably with sound knowledge and excellent understanding of consumer marketing, customer segmentation, product management, online marketing, email marketing, digital and social marketing as well as website design;
  • Strategically focused; able to translate business into practical solutions;
  • Ability to interact, influence and communicate effectively with all levels of the Group and across Lines of Businesses
  • Passionate, energetic, self-driven and determined to achieve ambitious business growth plan; 
  • Articulate and high presentation skills;
  • Strong interpersonal and exemplary customer relationship building skills; and
  • Proficiency in English, Chinese and Putonghua will be an added advantage.


8. 社交媒體營運主任 - 新媒體


  • 協助總監管理日常新媒體平台發佈工作
  • 發展及營運社交媒體帳號,包括Facebook、微博、IG及微信等,以增加粉量及互動量


  • 3年或以上經驗 熟悉不同社交媒體之操作及語言文化


9. 旅遊顧問


  • 處理日常旅行社酒店、機票及相關旅遊產品的訂務
  • 協助顧客簽證的諮詢及辦理服務
  • 負責銷售旅遊套票


  • 具備澳門旅行社技術主管之條件或考取技術主管資格優先考慮
  • 高中畢業或以上
  • 輪班工作(8:00-23:00)
  • 有責任心,積極進取,良好的溝通技巧
  • 熟悉Galileo 及 Eterm 等GDS 的訂位操作
  • 具良好溝通能力,流利廣東話、英語及普通話
  • 熟悉旅行社運作及旅遊業相關知識
  • 3 年或以上有關旅行社經驗 



10. 車務營運部 – 轎車司機


  • 駕駛中澳兩地牌車輛接載客人來回中澳兩地(廣東省內)
  • 駕駛公司車輛於澳門境內接送客人
  • 駕駛公司車輛執行指定之任務
  • 定期將車輛送到指定地點保養及維修
  • 執行上級指定之任務
  • 需24小時輪班工作/每周六天工作
  • 需穿制服上班


  • 小學學歷程度
  • 需持有澳門輕型汽車駕駛執照及中國國內輕型汽車駕駛執照
  • 最少2年或以上兩地駕駛經驗,有客戶服務經驗為佳
  • 需懂流利廣東話及普通話及良好之溝通技巧
  • 良好之兩地駕駛紀錄及沒有不良嗜好
  • 男女均可


11. 編輯 – 視頻編輯部


  • 編改由記者提供的即時新聞稿件及視頻,並錄製旁白,製作成完整的視頻新聞。
  • 撰寫及上傳即時新聞到手機應用程式及社交平台
  • 負責社交平台專頁的運作


  • 大學畢業,修讀新聞傳媒、新媒體優先
  • 熟悉各大社交網站文化及運作
  • 留意時事及新聞
  • 性格活潑,行文跳脫流暢


12. 軟件應用設計助理主任


  • 負責系統維護及開發
  • 跟進項目所需的日常工作
  • 協助處理日常的系統服務工作
  • 與客戶之間技術服務方面聯繫以及協調各項諮詢
  • 根據客戶的要求設計並實現系統服務解決方案
  • 上級交辦的其他工作


  • 大學或以上學歷,主修計算機科學、資訊科技,3年以上相關工作經驗
  • 熟悉MVC架構
  • 懂得使用C#及.Net Framework編寫WPF的Windows應用程序
  • 熟練編寫IOS應用程式及Android應用程式
  • 知悉PHP、HTML及JavaScript編寫及製作網頁或基於網頁架構系統
  • 熟識操作Linux 優先
  • 熟練應用Unity優先


13. 銷售行政助理 (物流)


  • 準時將貨品送到客人指定地點
  • 為客戶提供採購及即時結帳服務
  • 協助其他部門處理突發事務
  • 倉存及貨物管品


  • 每週五天,每天8.5小時 (10:00 – 19:30、11:00 – 20:30)
  • 中學畢業或以上
  • 懂電腦文書操作,細心,能獨立工作,有責任心
  • 需持有電單車駕駛執照及輕型汽車駕駛執照


14. 發行經理 (發行部)


  • 優化發行網絡及開拓取閱點
  • 安排及分配團隊之工作
  • 草擬計劃書及合約
  • 整理及分析報表資料
  • 申報發行開支及行政工作


  • 教育程度:高中或大學程度
  • 工作經驗:五年或以上發行或相關經驗


  • 懂電腦(Excel,Word,PPT)
  • 持有私家車及電單車牌照
  • 三年或以上管理經驗


15. 視頻總導演 - 新媒體


  • 管理整體視頻人力資源
  • 提升視頻質素
  • 協調拍攝編輯及後期部門
  • 培訓副刊編輯視頻制作技巧
  • 統籌日常視頻生產運作


  • 5年或以上新聞視頻制作經驗
  • 視頻制作所有環節具深入認識


16. 副新聞總監 – 新聞群組


  • 負責協助新聞總監管理新聞組工作
  • 把關每日力報新聞取材
  • 監控媒體新聞立場
  • 協調新媒體與報紙內容配合互動
  • 協調專題採訪及拍攝方向


  • 10年或以上新聞編採工作經驗
  • 中文或傳播專業
  • 具管理下屬經驗
  • 具新媒體新聞營運經驗


17. 編輯主任 - 新媒體


  • 協助總監管理日常新媒體平臺發佈工作
  • 審核新媒體新聞內容
  • 新媒體多平臺發佈策劃營運
  • 培訓新媒體編輯寫作


  • 5年或以上新媒體平臺寫作及營運經驗
  • 對各新平臺有深入細節認識


Interested parties are invited to send your application and full resumes stating career history, qualifications, availability, current and expected salary, and contact number to or submit your application via our website:

18. Senior Accounting Officer


  • To perform full sets of accounting and prepare consolidation for the management / accounting reports within timeline
  • Prepare monthly variance reports for profit and loss and balance sheet items
  • Support daily accounting duties including accounts receivable and payable, accounting reports and bank reconciliations etc
  • Prepare monthly agent reconciliation and issue customers' statements
  • Ensure timely and accurate processing of sales invoice, suppliers’ invoices input into Accounting System
  • Process accruals and journal vouchers
  • Assist in chasing outstanding debts
  • Perform ad hoc assignments


  • Degree in Accounting, Finance or equivalent;
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in accounting field, preferably gained from travel agency industry with two years supervisory experience
  • Well versed in PC Skills and Knowledge in Flex accounting system is an advantage
  • Hands on, proactive, result-oriented, detail-minded, responsible and able to work under pressure and meet tight schedule.
  • Good command of English and Chinese
  • Hardworking, self motivated and willing to learn
  • Immediate available is highly preferred


For more details, please see the below link.
Please email us at:

19. Project Manager


  • Coordinate with internal department and external customers
  • Monitor project matters daily and report status timely with proper documentation
  • Work with our clients to create exciting iPhone and Android apps
  • Manage the risks and expectations of our clients with regular progress update
  • To perform requirements gathering, design, development, test and deployment for all phases of projects
  • To manage customer requirements expectations and drive milestones accordingly
  • To measure and monitor progress at clearly defined milestones in the process to ensure that the projects are delivered on time


  • Higher Diploma or above in Information Technologies or equivalent
  • Min 5 years or above relevant experience in software development with min 2 years of project manager level
  • With programming experience in Java, PHP, IOS and Android is preferable
  • Holder of PMP or PRINCE2 preferred
  • Well-structured in problem solving and presentation
  • Well organized and meticulous with the ability for multi tasks 


20. Software Application Design Manager


  • To manage a team of total 4 IT professionals in Macau, play a leading role in the design, development and implementation of Customer Loyalty Program,  POS System and e-commerce applications
  • To oversee and lead the requirement analysis, design, development, development testing, deployment and software documentation for the project
  • To define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for development tasks, perform task allocation to meet project commitments, monitor delivery tasks and report the progress
  • To anticipate project risk, give early warning and suggest solutions for delivery tasks
  • To manage external vendors on solution integration and compliance of standards, oversee and measure the fulfillment of the vendor’s contractual obligations
  • To coach and develop team members to ensure an excellent maintenance of competent workforce
  • To monitor and ensure the target systems comply with company policies and standards
  • Consistently looks across all phases of project life cycle for opportunities to reduce costs
  • Participate in development, design, and implementation of new applications
  • Provide support to application systems including trouble-shooting, bug fixing and ad-hoc queries
  • To seek opportunities to constantly improve work practices and process


  • University graduate with a degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent. Postgraduate qualification is an advantage
  • A minimum of 3 years’ information systems design, software development, IT management and project management experience with track record in implementing POS system, ERP or similar system, within retail or e-commerce industries
  • Knowledge and working experience in some key technologies used by the project – Linux, Java, PHP, Android, IOS, Windows .NET platform, C#, MSSQL Server, in-memory database, Solace messaging, web HTML5 and node.js technologies will be an advantage 
  • Knowledge in Continuous Integration, DevOps and Automated testing are preferable
  • Strong team player who can work under pressure, independently and proactively
  • Excellent communication, presentation, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Proficient in spoken and written Chinese and English


21. Assistant Mobile Apps Manager


  • Working closely with colleagues, developers, testers and a variety of end users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction;
  • Liaising extensively with external or internal clients; analyzing clients' existing systems and business models;
  • mapping and documenting interfaces between legacy and new systems;
  • understanding software development lifecycle; translating client requirements into highly specified project briefs;
  • identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability;
  • conducting requirements analysis and preparing specific proposals for modified or replacement systems;
  • developing solutions and related products; producing project feasibility and costings report; ensuring that budgets are adhered to and deadlines met;
  • drawing up, supervising and documenting testing schedule for complete system;
  • overseeing implementation of a new system including data migration;
  • planning and working flexibly to deadlines;
  • supporting users on change control and system updates;
  • keeping up to date with technical and industry developments


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology, MCSE/MCSD/CCSE Certified
  • 5 years of relevant work experience, 2 years of management experience
  • Solid knowledge on SDLC, software development methodology, quality control and other management knowledge
  • Good communication and presentation skills; excellent analytical, organizational and logical thinking


22. 兼職 櫥窗設計員/商品陳列員


  • 構思迎合公司宣傳主題及形象的設計
  • 佈置櫥窗及攤位,以吸引顧客
  • 設計展架上的擺設及商品的陳列


  • 工作時間:14:00 - 23:00 (每天最少工作四小時)
  • 具有良好的思考能力及設計天分
  • 對視覺效果及色彩有獨到的眼光
  • 時薪 Mop50/hr
  • 必須年滿廿一歲,女士優先考慮


Interested parties are invited to send your application and full resumes stating career history, qualifications, availability, current and expected salary, and contact number to or submit your application via our website:


*Personal data collected will be used for recruitment only