Macau Recruitment 澳門招聘, $20k - 30k, Hotel 酒店業, $10k - 20k, $30k - 40k, $40k - 50k, F&B 餐飲業, Others 其他行業, Oct 十月(C)




Part Time Researcher - Casino Administration

  • Responsible for providing support to the Casino Administration in collecting all data related to gaming markets, table and slots game performance

  • Collecting data including headcount of Gaming Table and Slot, number of operating Gaming Tables, Table Floorplan with Betting Limit, Slot Floorplan from different casinos

  • Provide informative and administrative supports for Table and Slot operations

  • Recording Exchange Rate and handling any ad-hoc tasks assigned by the management

Senior Manager, Architect

  • Responsible for all aspects of understanding, designing and/or vetting application architecture used at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace

  • Rrequires the understanding of business needs and processes and applying it to technology to further provide operational efficiencies

  • Ccommunicates and works with the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) management to provide sound guidance on all application solutions

  • Rresponsible for communicating executive summary level information to the Executives including ROI and financial related analysis as needed

  • Identify and establish working relationships with service providers and systems vendors

  • Conduct and/or be part of high level executive overviews on solution sets

  • Ensure that design is within budget of the project or enhancement with options

  • Maintain communication with other departments within the company to understand requirements

  • Interact with Team Members in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective communications

  • Explore industry practices and products used to identify any GAP’s in current architecture

  • Explore technology to better support the application roadmap by assessing new technology and performing research, evaluation and sourcing activities

  • Manage multiple priorities and projects that are assigned

  • Minimum 5+ years’ experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified

  • With 2 years of supervisory role, proven track record in project implementation and deployment and solid understanding of gaming and hospitality applications


  • 負責監控及巡查渡假村內區域,維持賓客及團隊成員的秩序及安全

  • 熱誠有禮地接待賓客並以專業的態度處理他們的訴求

  • 持有小學畢業或以上程度,能操流利廣東話

  • 具相關工作經驗,能操基本普通話及英語者優先考慮

Senior Manager, Graphic & Design Services, Gaming Communications

  • Develop and direct concepts for brand marketing and gaming campaigns including broadcast, print, web components and guest experience

  • Leads creative strategy development for assigned projects and supervises all aspects of the creative process

  • Oversees the design and production of all materials and signs needed for the resort to ensure the standard and the quality are met

  • Lead a design team and give art direction on all design aspects

  • Recommends and directs use of outside creative vendors

  • Excellent conceptual and visual design portfolio with strong art, creative and typographic sense

  • To ensure the final deliverables are according to the briefs, of top quality, on time and compliant with Wynn brand guidelines

  • Attention to detail, be able to proofread and produce accurate and high-quality work

  • Detail-minded, well-organized, able to lead, coach and manage.

  • Creative mind, international design view, strategic thinker with knowledge of marketing principles

  • Manage multiple projects from concept through completion

  • 8 years or above previous creative and management experience of which 4 years must be in a managerial role

  • Master’s degree in art / Design or related discipline

  • Fluency in English, Cantonese and Mandarin

  • Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCAD and MS Office

Senior Buyer – Procurement

  • Responsible for sourcing, negotiating and procuring goods and services as required by end users, in accordance with the Procurement operation, to ensure the best overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Minimum of 4 years’ related experience in a large organisation

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Fluent Cantonese and English

  • Intermediate MS Office and Chinese characters input

Manager - Public Relations

  • Plan, develop and implement PR strategies

  • Handle enquiries from local, regional and international media

  • Continue to strengthen existing media relationships and cultivate new media contacts

  • Draft, edit and distribute press releases to targeted media

  • Review media opportunities

  • Oversee PR events including press conferences and media tours

  • Assist Director of Public Relations and senior management in the development of crisis communications materials

  • Liaise with dedicated PR agency on the implementation of PR strategies

  • Work with F&B, Spa and other stakeholders in devising PR strategies to meet with brand building needs

  • Groom and mentor subordinates to ensure overall development of the team

  • 5 years’ experience in related field

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications or Journalism preferred

  • Good written and spoken English, Mandarin and Cantonese

  • Proficient in MS Office (English and Chinese) and Excel

Officer - Public Relations

  • Assist Manager – Public Relations in handling corporate enquiries from local, regional and international media

  • Support on issues management that arise in the media which may have impacts on company image and relations with stakeholders

  • Monitor daily news. Assist in compiling news report to senior management

  • Assist in translation and editing of corporate messaging materials, including announcements, press releases, scripts, key messages and Q&A

  • Assist in corporate PR events including result announcements and press conferences

  • Assist Manager – Public Relations in conducting media tours, organizing filming and photoshoots and entertainment

  • Liaise with dedicated PR agency on the daily implementation of corporate communications duties

  • Cultivate and maintain a good relationship with targeted news and business/financial media

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in related field

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications or Journalism preferred

  • Good written and spoken English, Mandarin and Cantonese

  • Proficient in MS Office (English and Chinese) and Excel


致電 (853) 8889 1188 或電郵至


  • 負責所有前堂相關的職能,包括為客人登記入住及辦理退房手續、預訂房間及修改資料、提供城市活動及餐廳的資訊、景點的方向指引、檢查客房的狀態及解決客人的問題

  • 須注意所有細節,了解酒店每天的最新情況,為客人提供報價及推廣建議。熟識客房位置、客房種類、客房價格、優惠、酒店設施、營業時間、特別推廣、宴會及活動等

  • 幫助協調客人與前堂及其他部門之間的相關事宜,包括行李服務、轎車服務、工程部、客房部及餐飲部

  • 確保妥善地為客人預訂房間、登記入住、安排房間、準備門匙及歡迎禮包、收款及歡迎每位客人

  • 於有需要時,進行客房檢查並與客房部協調,處理提早退房、提早辦理入住登記、續房、延遲退房時間、轉房及其他特別請求

  • 無需工作經驗,有客戶服務工作經驗者優先考慮

  • 高中畢業或以上

  • 能操及書寫流利廣東話、普通話及英語,懂其他國家語言者優先考慮

兼職項目策劃接待員 (30小時)

  • 參與紅會所舉辦的宣傳活動

  • 提供宣傳材料,如傳單和門票等,以及宣傳活動地點

  • 在系統內輸入會員的資料

  • 清楚了解度假村內所有設備及服務

  • 解答賓客的疑問,並提供有用的指導和信息

  • 須協助和履行會籍業務經理委派的工作

  • 具最少一年娛樂場市場業務的工作經驗者優先考慮操流利的廣東話及普通話,略懂英語


致電 (853) 8889 1188 或電郵至

Head Sommelier

  • Serve wines according to five-star best practice

  • Share your passion for wine and pass on your knowledge of regions, grapes, vineyards and vintages

  • Practice wine and food matching according to the characteristics of wines and dishes

  • Coordinate with restaurants and F&B outlets to develop wine lists that match menus and promotions

  • Educate F&B staff about different wines and how to serve them

  • With minimum of 3 years’ wine and beverage experience in a 5-star hotel an advantage

  • Excellent product knowledge of international wines and characteristics, and food and wine pairing; Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certificate or Court of Master Sommelier (CMS) certificate or International Sommelier Guild (ISG) certificate an advantage.

  • Good understanding of wine and beverage trends and the Macau market

  • With Secondary school diploma or above

  • Good English, Cantonese and Mandarin an advantage



  • 按五星級的最佳方法向賓客提供餐酒服務

  • 能與賓客分享你對餐酒的熱情及對餐酒的認知,包括產地、種類、葡萄園及釀製年份等

  • 根據葡萄酒和菜餚的特點,作出相搭配的嘗試

  • 須與餐廳及各餐飲營業點溝通協調,以便可研發與菜牌及推廣菜餚相配合的酒單

  • 培訓餐飲成員對不同酒類的認識,以及如何服務賓客

  • 具最少三年於五星級酒店從事餐酒及餐飲的經驗者優先考慮

  • 須對各國酒類的特點和應用瞭如指掌;善於把美酒與佳餚相配搭;具WSET/CMS/ISG葡萄酒課程證書者或優先考慮

  • 熟悉澳門市場及餐酒業的發展趨勢

  • 中學畢業或以上程度

  • 良好英語、懂廣東話及普通話者優先考慮



致電 (853) 8889 1188 或電郵至



  • 負責於廚房準備所需食材及配菜

  • 須負責卸載產品並運送到倉庫,及避免損壞

  • 協助高級廚師於廚房內分配食物

  • 具中學或以上教育程度

  • 能操流利廣東話及普通話;懂英語者優先考慮



  • 須負責清洗,清潔,擦亮及維護所有的碗碟,烹飪設備(烤爐及爐頭)、銀器、玻璃器皿

  • 須清潔和消毒廚房設備及工作範圍,包括烤爐,爐頭,地板和天花板等

  • 正確地使用,處理和儲存清潔用品

  • 具小學或以上教育程度

  • 能操流利廣東話或普通話;懂英語者優先考慮



  • 為賓客提供優質的客戶服務

  • 以冷靜及有效率的態度為客人介紹當日菜式、落單、端送食物及飲品等

  • 針對賓客的要求,及時處理投訴,令他們感到滿意

  • 具最少3年於餐廳之工作的經驗,具五星級酒店或渡假村工作經驗者優先考慮

  • 具中學或以上教育程度

  • 能操流利廣東話及普通話;懂英語者優先考慮

  • 熟悉MS Office及POS電腦軟件操作,懂Micros電腦軟件操作者優先考慮



  • 負責為賓客提供優質的客戶服務

  • 冷靜及有效率的態度為客人介紹當日菜式、落單、端送食物及飲品等

  • 須為下一位來賓清潔桌面及重新擺放餐具

  • 針對賓客的要求及及時處理投訴,讓他們感到滿意

  • 具大學畢業或以上教育程度

  • 能操流利英語、廣東話及普通話

  • 熟悉MS Office及POS電腦軟件操作,懂Micros電腦軟件操作者優先考慮



  • 負責為賓客介紹、準備及端上飲品

  • 須維持酒吧的整潔、作好款客擺設及倉存管理等工作

  • 具最少五年於酒店及餐廳,從事客戶服務的工作經驗

  • 熟識各類飲品及酒吧運作,具簡單現金處理經驗

  • 具小學畢業或以上程度

  • 能操流利英語、廣東話及普通話

  • 懂Micros電腦軟件操作者優先考慮



  • 為賓客提供優質的餐飲服務

  • 以熱誠及有禮的態度接待賓客並端送食物及飲品

  • 無須餐飲經驗(具客戶服務工作經驗者優先考慮)

  • 能操流利廣東話或普通話


Assistant Restaurant Manager

  • Ensure the restaurant runs according to established operating procedures

  • Oversee the cost-effective and efficient operation of the restaurant

  • Monitor the cleanliness and hygiene of all hardware, utensils and serving-ware

  • Handle administrative tasks and scheduling

  • Maintain inventory control and order equipment and supplies within budget

  • With minimum of 5 years’ supervisory experience or 1 year’s assistant manager experience in a restaurant of a 5 star hotel

  • Good product knowledge of different cuisine; basic budgeting and cash handling experience

  • With secondary school diploma or above; Bachelor degree in hospitality management an advantage

  • Fluent spoken and written English, Cantonese and Mandarin

  • Proficient in MS Office and POS software



致電 (853) 8889 1188 或電郵至


Manager – VIP Services

  • Provide unparalleled arrival and departure experience for Wynn Palace VIP guests

  • Oversee and coordinate VIP Services and other relevant departments and manage every point of contact (Doorperson, Front Office, and Butler) to ensure a memorable and smooth guest experience

  • Manage the VIP Services Team and ensure they deliver Wynn Palace’s high standards of quality, service and guest satisfaction in every aspect of the VIP guest experience

  • Monitor the team’s adherence to, and execute and complete operations in accordance with, established policies and procedures

  • Monitor quality control mechanisms for VIP Service, including service standards, staff grooming, facilities presentation, and health and safety

  • Inspect VIP guestrooms and ensure special requests are followed up

  • Monitor guests’ preference profiles and track their likes and dislikes

  • Previous hospitality or guest service management experience

  • Excellent knowledge of a range of VIP Services, Forbes Travel Guide standards, Macau market, and casino-resort business trends preferred

  • Bachelor degree in Tourism or Hospitality Management an advantage

  • Fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese

  • Proficient in MS Office


Manager - Spa Operations

  • Ensure the Spa Team delivers Wynn Palace’s high standards of quality, service and guest satisfaction in every aspect of the Spa experience

  • Oversee the execution and completion of spa treatments and operations in accordance with established policies and procedures

  • Implement and monitor quality control mechanisms for spa operations, including treatments, customer service, cleanliness and hygiene, staff grooming and attitude, product use, and health and safety

  • Inspect the daily upkeep, maintenance and hygiene of Spa, Fitness and Salon facilities, and tools

  • Inspect spa suites and ensure special requests of regular, long-staying and VIP guests are followed up

  • Implement and monitor merchandising plans for retail products to maximize sales

  • Assist the Director to manage monthly revenue, payroll budget and expenditure details and records

  • Control expenses and research ways to generate more revenue

  • Minimum of 2 years’ management experience in a high-end spa (Esthetician and massage experience preferred)

  • Excellent product knowledge of a range of spa therapies, treatments and products; CIBTEC and ITEC certificates

  • Bachelor degree or above

  • Fluent English; Cantonese and Mandarin an advantage

  • Proficient in MS Office and spa systems


Administrator - Hotel Sales

  • Perform secretarial duties for the Vice President – Hotel Sales and Director – Hotel Sales, such as preparing correspondence, screening telephone calls, organizing business travel, appointments and travel expenses

  • Schedule meetings and prepare meeting materials and minutes

  • Assist with coordination and communication with other Hotel Departments and within the department

  • Monitor office supplies, inventory of sales collaterals and giveaways

  • Prepare and follow up on all departmental request forms, purchase orders

  • Manage and track departmental roster, leave and absence

  • Reconcile weekly Paycode report for the department

  • Minimum 3 year of secretarial experience, preferably in the hospitality industry
    Knowledge/Certificates: Excellent calendar management experience

  • Bachelor degree in Hospitality, Business Administration or Communications an advantage

  • Good English, Cantonese and Mandarin

  • Advanced skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (Chinese and English))



  • 以熱情好客、親切及專業的態度於酒店大堂接待每位貴賓

  • 了解及分享酒店活動,澳門景點和活動的詳情,在客人詢問時告知客人

  • 根據要求電召計程車及協助客人告知計程車司機想到達的地方

  • 曾在五星級酒店從事客戶服務工作經驗者優先考慮

  • 中學學位或同等學歷為佳

  • 操良好廣東話、普通話及基本英語

  • 體魄強健,能長時間站立,並能提重物 (行李)

  • 儀表端莊、誠實穩重、熱誠有禮及自信可靠

  • 身高1.8米或以上



  • 負責安全及迅速地接送賓客到澳門各地點

  • 按照轎車服務控制室聯絡員的指示完成工作

  • 依照交通和停車規則

  • 須判斷交通及路面情況

  • 如有需要,可與賓客了解及分享有關酒店的細節,澳門旅遊景點及活動等

  • 持有效澳門駕駛執照;詳細了解澳門的街道和景點

  • 中學畢業或以上程度

  • 能操流利廣東話,普通話及基本英語



  • 以殷勤有禮的態度迅速接聽賓客的電話

  • 清楚了解客房優惠方案及推廣計劃的細節,以及永利皇宮的所有產品、設施及服務

  • 須熟悉市場情況、相關公司房價情況及分銷渠道(互聯網和全球分銷系統)

  • 把握銷售機會,以提升客房優惠方案及推廣計劃的銷售率

  • 輸入信用卡及禮卷資料到預訂系統

  • 通過電話、傳真和電郵等辦理短暫逗留、娛樂場、度假及團體賓客的客房預定

  • 具客戶服務工作經驗者優先考慮大學畢業或以上程度能操及書寫流利的英語、廣東話及普通話



  • 負責以有禮及專業的態度迎接賓客,提供使用健身器材的指引,以及協助健身中心日常運作和提供私人健身訓練。

  • 管理及營運健身中心,保持健身中心清潔

  • 如有需要,為賓客提供健身器材使用指導和安全指引

  • 為賓客提供健身中心導覽和講解健身中心服務和器材

  • 監管健身中心內毛巾和其他用品的存貨,如有需要則作補充

  • 中學畢業或等同學歷能操及寫流利的廣東話、普通話及基本英語



致電 (853) 8889 1188 或電郵至


Analyst- Digital Marketing

  • Develop dashboard to monitor and analyse online & offline channel data

  • Develop overall digital performance data templates and multiple reports format.

  • Support Director – Interactive Marketing to develop and manage reports and ROI metrics for all digital channels

  • Research, analyse and monitor traffic sources and customer’s behaviour / profile.

  • Track and compile data for future enhancements of website development, search program and media campaigns

  • Work with agency on managing and optimizing paid media campaigns

  • Monitor and analyse CRM database and newsletters performance

  • Minimum 3 years data analysis experiences, preferably in digital field

  • Good knowledge on database analytics and management

  • Good knowledge on digital trends and web data

  • Bachelor’s degree or above, degree of mathematics and statistics is preferred

  • Good written and spoken English, Mandarin and Cantonese



致電 (853) 8889 1188 或電郵至


Internal Senior Auditor

  • Conducts regulatory, operational, and I.T. audits.

  • Conducts interviews, analyse financial and administrative practices, reviewing relevant documentation.

  • Conducts procedures sufficient to provide a basis for the audit opinion under SOX and minimum internal control requirements as directed by Macau Regulators

  • Identify and recommend opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations while maintaining adequate controls to safeguard company assets

  • Assist in the preparation of audit reports

  • CPA holder is preferred with a minimum of 2- 3 years of experience in a recognized CPA firm or gaming compliance related field. I.T. audit experience is preferred.

  • University Degree or equivalent is required. Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Business, Finance, and I.T. is preferred.

  • Good command in spoken and written English and Cantonese, knowledge in Portuguese and Mandarin is an advantage


Income Control Auditor

  • Responsible to compile and audit all gaming income related issue, ensure all revenue records are accurate and discrepancies reported on a timely basis, control documents for all areas of casino operations, consolidate shift reports and prepare regular revenue report, audit report and journals.

  • Perform daily audit on Table games, Slots, Cage, VIP Gaming and Promotion.

  • Audit and report all Gaming Revenue in accordance with Departmental and Regulatory Standards.

  • Prepare journals, daily operating report, reconciliation and review documentation for compliance

  • Experience in accounting, finance or related business field experience preferred

  • Proficient in auditing knowledge and techniques

  • Bachelor degree in Accounting, Finance or related business field

  • Good written and spoken English and Chinese

  • Proficient in MS Office


Procurement Buyer

  • Responsible for sourcing, primary negotiation, processing and ordering goods and services as required by end users, in accordance with the Procurement operation

  • Minimum of 2 years’ related experience in a large organisation



致電 (853) 8889 1188 或電郵至