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Yonyou Software (Macao) CO., LTD. 用友軟件 (澳門) 有限公司招聘

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Macau branch of Yonyou Group was founded in 2010 and responsible for sales services, consulting implementation, technical support, customized development, partner management in the Macau region. Until now, Youyou has been the largest provider of ERP and enterprise management software applications and service centers in Macau, providing customers with comprehensive localization and internationalization software solutions.


Know more about us 了解更多關於我們的信息:https://www.yonyou.com.mo/



  • 負責公司的日常收銀工作;

  • 處理日常會計,包括A / R,A / P;

  • 完成上級分配的其他任務;


  • 本科及以上學歷,主修財務會計,具有一年以上相關工作經驗;

  • 熟悉辦公軟件;

  • 認真負責,抵抗壓力大;

  • 澳門居民;

  • 歡迎新畢業生。

Accounting Clerk

Job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the company's daily cashier work;

  • Handling daily accounting, including A/R, A/P;

  • Complete other tasks assigned by the superior;

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above, majoring in financial accounting, with one or more years of relevant work experience;

  • Familiar with office software;

  • Careful and responsible, strong resistance to pressure;

  • Macao locals;

  • Welcome new graduates.



  • 負責一般銷售職責,並通過達到指定的銷售目標來最大化銷售;

  • 始終提供始終如一的優質客戶服務標準;

  • 建立牢固的客戶關係並處理客戶的反饋。


  • 本科以上學歷;

  • 卓越的組織,多任務和優先排序能力;

  • 積極主動,勤奮;

  • 一個好的團隊合作者;

  • 成熟,獨立,積極主動,具備良好的溝通能力;

  • 語言:彙編和普通話(必須)英語(首選);

  • 有 IT 行業經驗者優先;

  • 澳門 / 珠海居民首選。

Account Manager

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for general sales duties and maximize sales by achieving sales target as assigned;

  • Deliver consistent and excellent standard of customer service at all times;

  • Build strong customer relationships and handle customers’ feedback.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above;

  • Excellent organizational, multi-tasking,and prioritization abilities;

  • Highly motivated and diligent;

  • A good team player;

  • Mature, independent, proactive and possess good communication skills;

  • Language: Contonese and Mandarin (must) English (preferred);

  • Experience in IT industry is preferred;

  • Macau / Zhuhai resident preferred.

開發顧問 (Java / .net)


  • ERP 系統軟件二次開發,系統理解,需求分析,軟件開發,綜合測試等;

  • 根據開發規範和項目流程進行軟件開發,代碼測試和優化維護。


  • 電腦專業本科以上學歷;

  • 熟悉 JAVA / .net 開發的各種框架,主流關係數據庫和基本 SQL 語言;

  • 熟悉常見的數據結構和算法,具有一定的編程能力和良好的編程習慣;

  • 熟悉軟件編程理論,實踐和工具;

  • 了解數據庫或中間件技術,開發測試(尤其是單元測試),相關配置管理工具和軟件開發方法是首選;

Development Consultant (Java/.net)

Job Responsibilities:

  • ERP system software secondary development, system understanding, demand analysis, software development, comprehensive testing and so on;

  • Carried out software development, code testing, and optimized maintenance according to the development specifications and project process.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above in computer specialty;

  • Familiar with various frameworks developed by JAVA/.net, mainstream relational databases and basic SQL language;

  • Familiar with common data structures and algorithms, certain programming ability and good programming habits;

  • Familiar with software programming theory, practice and tools;

  • Understanding database or middleware technology, development testing (especially unit testing), relevant configuration management tools and software development methodology are preferred;

Benefits 公司福利:

  • Government holidays 政府假期

  • Medical insurance 醫療保險

  • Training 在職培訓

  • Incentive travel 獎勵旅遊

Interested parties please send your resume to HR@yonyou.com.mo .

有意者請將簡歷發送至 HR@yonyou.com.mo

Tel 電話:853-2878 7375

Fax 傳真:853-2878 6951

*Data collected from applicants will be kept confidential and only be used for recruitment purpose.