How to answer in an english interview 英文面試應答範例


Ever since I graduated from Fu Jen University, I’ve put my time into getting hands-on experience in several different English-related institutes.
I’ve worked for National Education Radio and some adult language schools in my area.
I have over three years of experience in broadcasting, one year of experience in teaching, and another year of experience in producing course materials.
My strengths lies in teaching English the easy and fun way. My students were never bored in my classes and I always try to make them enjoy the learning process by using a variety of teaching materials.
I managed to get consistent five-star reviews from my class feedbacks at the end of different semesters and my students and I continued to be friends after the class was over.
A little bit about me personally is that I’m really into photography and video editing, because I like to capture beautiful images. I’ll do whatever it takes to get that gorgeous image. That’s why my friends often say that I am a go-getter who’s always active and I’d also like to think that I am.

I’ve had the opportunity to do some research and I learned that you are truly the pioneers of your industry. I know that you’ve just recently started the company but you have grown exponentially within a short time.
Most impressive is the fact that you relied only on yourselves to build and structure your whole website, I think it is the stepping-stone of your success.
I also really like the idea of learning English through videos, I agree with this concept fully and I think it is going to help a lot of learners out there.
I think that is fantastic.

After looking at the job description, I found that this job requires not only a high English capability but also course planning skills. I have had a lot of experience of that in the past and I think I can meet the demands of the position.
That’s why I’d love to have the opportunity to work as an English curriculum planner here because it will put all of my skills to good use.
I believe I would be able to plan great lessons, create new programs, and consolidate your English course team in this position.

Quite simply, I felt like I’ve learned everything that I can in my last job, so I thought it was time for a brand new challenge: it’ll still be something I’m passionate about, only that it’ll be more rewarding for me personally.

I think there are a couple of reasons why I think I’m a good fit for this position.
First of all, I possess all of the skills needed to get the job done including advanced English competence, course planning experience, and video editing expertise. So putting me into the position will definitely ensure all jobs are well done.
Another reason is that I have experience in various different fields related to English including broadcasting, teaching, and course planning. By utilizing my diverse skillset, I can break into new grounds for your company and introduce you to newer markets and better profits.
Most importantly, I’m gonna make a personal promise to you to work hard and not let you down.