Education 教育, Freelance 兼職, $10k - 20k, $20k - 30k, $30k - 40k, $40k - 50k, Dec 十二月(B)

IDEC 國際發展教育中心澳門招聘



1. [兼職] 全科 / 英語 / 數學導師

2. 教育顧問:宣傳及推廣員

3. [全職] 導師

4. [兼職] 導師

5. [全職] 英語及數學老師

6. [全職] 幼稚園老師

  • 需要相關幼師文憑或經驗

7. [兼職] 兒童畫畫及油畫導師

8. [兼職] 兒童舞蹈導師

9. [兼職] 兒童音樂課程導師

10. [全職] 接待員

11. [全職/兼職] 補習老師助理

12. [全職/兼職] 清潔員

13. [全職/兼職] 接送員 初中程度

14. [全職/兼職] 跟車接送員

15. [兼職] 派傳單


  1. 對學生有耐性和負責任
  2. 有專科資格證明或持有相關證書
  3. 準備課程內容及教材
  4. 對教學有熱誠
  5. 有相關教學經驗優先


工作地點為南灣區或氹仔,有意請致電 +853 6319 3668 聯絡鄧小姐



  1. 對學員有耐性和負責任
  2. 有專科資格證明或持有相關證書
  3. 固定時間上課
  4. 準備課程內容及教材
  5. 對教學有熱誠
  6. 有相關教學經驗優先




工作地點為南灣區或氹仔,有意請致電 +853 6319 3668 聯絡鄧小姐

International Development Educational Center Recruitment

English Teacher

Math Teacher (Teaching in English)

Part time English Teacher

Part time Math Teacher (Teaching in English)

Jobs Requirement

  • Both fluent written and spoken English skills
  • Previous teaching experience
  • Patient and passion for education career

Jobs Responsibilities

  • Daily educating activities
  • Managing a student’s course
  • Internal revenue and contribute to referrals and renewals
  • Regular meetings

Bachelor degree of English or Mathematics is preferred. Applicants with overseas education background or working experience may have advantage for this job.

Interview would be running under English condition.

We offer commission or bonus and annual double pay for ours staffs. The locations of our centers are in Taipa and Nam Wan.


Please submit your resume to us via email and contact Ms Tang by calling +853 6319 3668 for an interview appointment.